Asset Management

Asset Management

The strategic bet is on the structuring, constitution and management of investment funds.

Eaglestone Capital

The strategic bet is on the structuring, constitution and management of investment funds, relying on the experience of its Shareholders and Directors, supported by the presence of the EAGLESTONE GROUP, a financial services platform focused on Sub-Saharan Africa where it is considered a reference player in the markets where it operates.

Focus on developing asset management activities in Lusophone Africa and Portugal. Our presence on the ground is a key competitive advantage in markets which are largely untapped by private equity funds. Broad network of contacts with key local and international investment funds which are actively investing in SSA.

In Portugal, through Eaglestone Capital Partners, Sociedade de Capital de Risco, S.A. a portuguese venture capital firm, it is regulated by the Portuguese Securities Commission since February 2023.

In Angola, through Eaglestone Capital – Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Colectivo, S.A., it is regulated by the Capital Markets Commission for the management of investment funds whose approval was obtained in January 2018. In the UK, through Eaglestone Ltd, it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In Mozambique, Eaglestone currently represents an international investment fund in two real estate projects.

Eaglestone Asset Management

Privileged connection with Angola and Sub-Sahaan Africa

The EAGLESTONE Group has been developing its activity in Angola since 2011, and currently intends to be present through two regulated entities, subject to the supervision of the Capital Markets Commission ("CMC"):

  • EAGLESTONE CAPITAL S.G.O.I.C., S.A., founded and approved by CMC in 2018 which positions itself as a reference and innovative institution in the Angolan market, developing in the medium term a diversified offer of sectoral investment funds and as well as structuring and assembly services of dedicated investment funds, according to the specific needs of its clients;
  • EAGLESTONE SOCIEDADE DISTRIBUIDORA DE VALORES MOBILIÁRIOS, S.A., currently waiting for approval from the CMC, which intends to position itself as an independent and innovative reference institution in the Angolan capital market.

EAGLESTONE CAPITAL PARTNERS, together with its Angolan counterpart, EAGLESTONE CAPITAL S.G.O.I.C., S.A., will enable its investors to co-invest in the funds managed by both entities, ensuring, on the one hand, the capture of international investors, and on the other hand, the local intervention, with the investment projects, by the same team according to the same management criteria.

Privileged connection with Angola and Sub-Sahaan Africa