Our Firm Partnership

F9 Consulting

Eaglestone and F9 Consulting established a partnership with the purpose of maximizing its advisory services know-how and activity geographical scope across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.


  • Eaglestone N.V., founded in December 2011, comprises a team of 36 professionals spread through several countries such as: Luanda (Angola), Cape Town and Johannesburg (South Africa), Maputo (Mozambique), Lisbon, London and Amsterdam. Eaglestone is an African based investment bank platform specialized in advisory, asset management and capital markets services for Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • F9 Consulting S.A. was founded in January 2001 and currently has a team of 16 professionals spread between Lisbon, São Paulo (Brazil) and Maputo (Mozambique). The company is specialized in corporate and project finance with in-depth knowledge in the infrastructure, transport, water and energy sector


  • Potentiate the advisory activity focus on the Lusophone axis between Europe (Portugal) and Sub-Saharan Africa (Angola and Mozambique)
  • Focus on the Mozambique market as a main development vectors of this joint business platform in straight collaboration and coordination with Eaglestone's teams in Cape Town and Johannesburg, benefiting from local positioning within South African clients
  • F9 Consulting is the main responsible for the execution of opportunities focused in the Portuguese market and all opportunities raised with an African focus, will be executed by the Eaglestone team.
  • Benefit from the expertise and local presence of each institution in order to provide a high quality service with local knowledge
  • Promote an easier access to other African markets such as Rwanda, Uganda, RDC, etc.
  • Provide its clients with an extensive local and international network

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