Eaglestone Obrigações I

Eaglestone Obrigações I

Eaglestone Capital SGOIC

Eaglestone Obrigações I – Fundo Especial de Investimento em Valores Mobiliarios Aberto, publicly subscribed ("Eaglestone Obrigações I" or "Fund") was authorized by the Capital Markets Commission ("CMC") on 11 December 2023 under No. 002/DSOIC-FEIVMA/CMC/2023.

Eaglestone Capital SGOIC, S.A. ("Management Company") will start selling the Eaglestone Obrigações I Units as of June 3, 2024.

Eaglestone Obrigações I aims to provide investors with the possibility to exploit the potential return on investments made in dynamic asset allocation and effective diversification to manage the risks associated with investing in bonds, which can generate significant above-market returns with a consistent expected return over the medium term.

The Fund will consist of Participation Units with an initial value of Kz 50,000.00 (fifty thousand kwanzas) and with a minimum subscription amount of Kz 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand kwanzas).

The entities responsible for placing the Fund's participation units with investors are Eaglestone Sociedade Distribuidora de Valores Mobiliários S.A., Banco BIR – Banco de Investimento Rural and the Management Company.

The Depositary of the Fund's assets is Banco BIR – Banco de Investimento Rural, S.A., which is registered with CMC as a financial intermediary under No. 001/AI/CMC/02-2019.

The Fund's Auditor is Deloitte Touche, Lda, headquartered in Luanda, registered at the registry office under No. 106-97

The Eaglestone Obrigações I fund will start its activity on June 16, 2024, allowing subscriptions (inflows) and redemptions (outflows) throughout the fund's period given its open-end nature.

It is recommended to read the Prospectus and the Management Regulations of the Investment Fund before investing

For more detailed information about the Fund, interested parties can interact with the Management Company, through the contact (+244) 225 300 570 and the e-mail: Eaglestone-obrigacoes-I@eaglestone.eu, with the Eaglestone SDVM, through the contact (+244) 225 300 573 and the e-mail: mercados.sdvm@eaglestone.eu, and with the Banco de Investimento Rural, S.A. through the website www.bir.ao.